While I, myself, did not serve in the military, my respect for those who have motivated me to found Recon Brass. Recon Brass is a company committed hiring 100% veteran artisans to make the most innovative, wearable, best looking shooting-sports style accessories and giving 15% of retail net profits to veterans’ organizations.

Most of our products are made with recycled or reconditioned (hence “Recon”) bullet shells and 15% of retail and 10% of wholesale net profits will be donated to the veterans’ organization you choose. Because you’re buying the product, we feel it’s only right that you choose where your portion of the proceeds go. For retail orders, simply choose from any organization in the dropdown on the checkout page. For wholesale orders, designate any veterans’ organization with a 3-star or higher rating on Charity Navigator.

Aaron Boyd

Founder, Recon Brass & Tres Cuervos